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Clean and dry your face as you normally do. Do not apply any product and wait about 1 hour. Examine your skin, if it is shiny, it is probably oily skin, if it is dry and you feel tight, the skin is dry, on the contrary, you notice a noticeable glow on the nose and forehead, then it is likely that your skin is normal or combination.  

You can apply one to seven single-use facial masks a week,
the ideal would be between two and three if the ingredients they contain are
compatible with the rest of the products of the routine. It also depends on the
climate and the need of your skin.

The Sheet mask should be kept between

 Sheet masks are for one time use only. 😊 

  There are 7 popular types of sheet masks in the market

1. Microfiber Sheet Masks or Cotton Sheet Mask: They are made from natural fibers and contain a variety of ingredients to treat various skin conditions. 

2. Hydrogel Masks: The hydrogel mask is made of jelly-like material. 

3. Bio-Cellulose: Is an all-natural fiber.  

4. Foil Sheet Masks: They use aluminum foil on the outside of the mask to keep the
ingredients from evaporating.

5. Knit Masks: These masks are made with 100% pure knit cotton.

6. Ampoule Sheet Mask: First, there is the single-use ampoule and then a sheet mask follows, which helps the contents penetrate deeply into the skin. 

7. Clay and Charcoal Sheet Mask: The clay and charcoal masks are black in color and feel super soft on the skin.